It was long time announced. Some times postponed but now it’s finally live! The new Jetbull Website.

But not only the look and feel is new – there are also new cool promotions and features. A sneak overview:

Play for the Riches, and Play for the Game.

The Jetbull experience is reaching a new level of play. We introduce to you gamification, or, a game within the game. Enjoy playing? You’ll love it now. Jetbull is betting on a full-blown gaming experience, with account levels to pass, daily and weekly missions to challenge yourself, a Jetbull-exclusive wallet to collect Bull Coins, and a brand-new ability to purchase your own rewards at the Bull Shop! If it sounds good, wait ’til you try it.


Just by playing you get assigned a level depending on your activity. There are over 500 levels and sublevels to move through; you can climb levels as you play and complete missions. The higher the level, the more valuable the rewards.


Completing missions is the way to game and get the good stuff. These missions will reward you with tokens in the form of Bull Coins, which are the new currency at our site. Missions are available as daily or weekly tasks to fire up your playtime and let you dip your hands in Bull Coins.

Bull Shop

Meet the Bull Shop: Complete missions, climb levels and collect Bull Coins to exchange at the Bull Shop and purchase lots of great stuff to boost your Sports and Casino playtime!

Bull Coins

Jetbull’s New Gamification makeover comes with a nifty Wallet where you can stash away the new Jetbull currency: the Bull Coins. Play out the missions and top the levels to fill out that Wallet, which you can later take to the Bull Shop and enjoy some instant rewards. Easy and simple!